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Statement of the Week-The Next Game Wars

Sorry for not updating our statement of the week section but the person who was in charge to do this decided to move on and push us aside. Well anyway the new millenium is coming and alot of people think it is the year 2000 but the it doesn't start till 2001.

Have any of you N64 owners ever wondered how will the Nintendo 64 last? And will the next future gaming consoles come out? Well, Sega released there new 128-bit powerhouse system not to long ago in Japan called the Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast has showed some good detail in graphics and in gameplay using Microsoft's special Windows CE software. Even the games look good, most of them seemed to be rushed for example Sonic Adventure is an awesome game but has alot of camera and gameplay glitches.

Sega commented that the American release will be bug free and also Virtua Fighter 3tb and Sega Rally 2 are supposed to be ehanced and improved for the U.S releases.

Now along with the Playstation 2. This system is 10 times powerful than the DREAMCAST!!! The system can produce over 20-70 million polygons per second and is also 128-bit and will use DVD-format AND will also be backward compatible so people can play their old Playstation games.

So where does this leave Nintendo? With big names like Rare, Acclaim and the man who created Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Shigeru Miyamoto, how long do you think the N64 will last? The Nintendo is also working on there next-generation console, rumored to be called the N200X.

The Next Nintendo and Playstation systems won't probably come out till 2000-2001. So gives Sega a whole advantage on them. Sega is releasing their new system on 9/9/99.

So what do you think Nintendo's next format should be? DVD or Disk? Nintendo of America's Chairman, Howard Lincoln confirmed that the next system will defintely not use cartridges.

Let the game wars begin!!