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Review By: Jon "The Raging Gamer"

Sonic to me has always been one of the coolest game mascots ever. When I first played Sonic 1 for the Genesis it was the coolest thing ever. SPEED, plays the most part of why this game was so liked by millions. The gameplay was awesome and every level got better and better.

Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast has all of these things but with way better graphics and tons of levels. Up to six playable characters including Sonic, some of the characters were in previous games like Tails and Knuckles.

Each characters has their own way to beat the game like for when you get tails he has to race everyone to win and Knuckles has to look for three jewels. Every character has there own moves, for instance Sonic can run fast, Tails can fly, and Knuckles can fly and crawl on walls and buildings. We don't want to reveal everything but trust this game is great.


The graphics in the game are amazing in character design and in the stages. Beautifully well done with all sorts of different bright colors.


The sound in game is done well with all sorts of different sound effects. Some of the sounds from the previous Sonics are in here.


The main theme song is the coolest and also when you go into the Mystic Ruins, The Casino is pretty good too. All the tunes are crisp and clear, none of them are boring or cheesy.


The only thing bad about Sonic is that it seemed a little rushed. If you played the Japanese title you own that the camera still needed some tweaking and there are also some gameplay glitches. Sometimes for no reason you might get stuck in wall or area. The game has tons of levels and you can snowboard, fly a plane, and even race with little creatures you save.


Well the graphics, music and sound are all done well but the game seemed that it still needed work. Pretty bad camera and gameplay glitches is the only way why this game isn't completely excellent.