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Smash brothers for the Nintendo 64 lets players take on all of the their most favorite Nintendo characters to fight and battle it out with each other. Much like a fighting but in a fun and wacky kinda way. Each character has his/her unique abilties such as Link can use his sword and build power.

Whereas Samus form Metroid can jump high, fly and do alot of aerial attacks. Also every character has their own stage to fight in. The coolest level is Link's level in the Hyrue field. Up to four players can duke it out together and the object in game is how many wins each player has before the time runs out.

The player with the most wins the fight. This game is really fun, and even better than Mario Party in a Multi-Player sense. Pick up the import game now!! Don't wait till summer for this game to come out. Get it!!! Try Gamecave for the best import service ever!! Or call 1-888-Gamecave.


Some of the best graphics out there awesome levels and cool looking effects but also sometimes lacks in character design much like Mario Party.


Each player has their own music theme, Link's theme sounds much like the music in Zelda 64. They translated the music well.


The sound is not all clear at times and sometimes it seems alittle low. Could have worked more with the sound department.


This game has alot of playabilty and lots of Nintendo characters like, Mario, Luigi, and Link. The Multi-Player is awesome, You can play for months and still not get bored of this game as long as you have friends to play it with.


This game is a smash success in Japan and will also be big in the U.S. Pick up the import copy when you get the chance. Trust us this game is awesome, It has Samus in it!!!

The characters in the game are: Mario, Luigi, Link, Doneky Kong, Samus (Metroid), Yoshi, Kirby, StarFox, Pickachu, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, and Ness (The boy from Earthbound).