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If you like Snowboarding games than you might NOT want to pick this one up. Like the first Snowboard Kids, this game has repetitive and uneven gameplay. This game borrows elements from games like Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing.

You and the snowboarding gang race and attack each other with different weapons, like Mario Kart but this game doesn't compare at all. In Graphics, sound, gameplay, you name it this game is just plain AWEFUL.

The only thing good about the game is the multi-player. The two v.s two battles are good but lack in alittle bit of slowdown and the four-player lacks twice as much in framerate. The characters in the game look deformed and uninteresting.

Don't even bother to play this game. 1080 and the soon to be released airboarders are the games you should want to get. Just pass or rent this one by.


Uninteresting character design and the stages just look plain and rushed. This game could've easily been done on a 16-bit system.


Cheesy cheers and other unamusing sounds make this game aweful. Just turn down your volume on your tv. Nothing new to hear here.


The music is just repetitive. Happy, cutesy beats make you want to throw you controller at the tv. Warning: Could make your ears bleed.


The only thing good in the game is the Multi-Player and even that gets boring after awhile.


Not much added to last year's game. There are plenty of other snowboarding games out there. Just don't do something stupid and like buy this game.