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Review by: Jon "The Raging Gamer"

When I first played Capcom V.S. Marvel in arcades it was awesome. One of the best Capcom fighters yet, the tag-team is incredible and the characters in the game are cool. They have Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk, Zang-Gief, Ryu just to name of few.

Now picture the game in the arcades, the port of the Dreamcast version is exactly the same. Arcade perfect in everyway. There is NO LOAD-TIMES at all and you can pause between the gameplay too.

The game is fast just like the arcade and has a arcade mode, training mode, etc. Also four players can play at once, This is a Dreamcast feature only.


The Graphics in the game are arcade perfect. The detail in the characters are good and a bunch of beautiful colors and levels.


The sound in the game is good from the characters voices to the punches and kicks but sometimes seems to lower down if you play the gamee for awhile.


The music is upbeat and goes along with the game and the coolest feature is that the songs change during gameplay in the stages.


This game is defintely fun to play with friends or by yourself but like all fighting games, they get boring after awhile.


If you like fighting games and are fan of Capcom fighters, I suggest you should pick this game up. A good buy for a growing game library for the Dreamcast.