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PREVIEW BY: Jon "The Raging Gamer"

The Mystical Ninja games have always been good and had alots of action and exploration. The older Goemon games for the Super Nes were some of the best 2D scroller games ever. Goemon also made an appearance on the Playstation. The game did have alot of amazing features and good levels but apparantly Konami didn't think it was good enough for a North American release.

Then the blue-haired ninja made his debut on the Nintendo 64 in 3D, this game had alot of places to explore, fun and wacky characters, and could even use a mystical dragon to help you travel from one place to the other. But The game had sluggish camera angles, good but blurry graphics and lacked in length wise. So Konami and KCEO decided to make a sequel to Goemon but this time they wanted to bring it back in the old way, 2D STYLE!!

The game will include all the characters in the first N64 version. It will still be a action/RPG but with 2D. The robot Impact will still be in the game for you to use much like the first Goemon for N64. The areas in the game will still take place in a Japanese-style way like beautiful scenery, awesome looking temples and houses to explore and so forth.

The game will also have a 2-player co-operative mode where you and a friend can play and have fun together. The game should the hit the U.S. shores sometime in May.