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Preview by: Jon "The Raging Gamer"

Lets face it, Resident Evil is one of the greatest game series of all time. The Resident Evil games for the PS-X were absolutly incredible. The reason why I think these games became so liked is that they put action, horror and mystery in one game.

Well, now it is said that Dreamcast will get a taste of the Series titled Bio-Hazard Code: Veronica, They call Resident Evil in Japan Bio-Hazard. This game is supposed to take place after part 2.

It said that Claire goes on to look for her brother Chris from part 1. We don't know if Leon is in it but we do know that it well be developed outside of Capcom. Capcom will publish it but the same team who worked on the R.E games won't work on it.

This makes us kind of disappointed, even though the new team behind this game might do a good job it would still make us feel better if it was done in-house in Capcom.

The Graphics do look incredible for the dreamcast though. Think how real the areas would look in 128-bit if done right. How creepy the Zombies and creatures will look? It also that the backgrounds in Code Veronica will all be in 3D and not Pre-rendered like in the previous games.

Well we'll just have to wait and see if the game will be any good. It should be at this year's E3 and is said to be out sometime in 99'.