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94 min.

Ninja Scroll 1993, 1995 Yoshiaki Kawajiri/Madhouse/JVC/Toho Co. Ltd./Movic Inc.

English version

1995 Manga Entertainment Story, Screenplay & Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri

The Plot:

Ninja Scroll is set around the 16 century in Jeudal Japan. The main character of this movie is Jubei, a wandering Ninja who gets paid for his tasks for anyone who hires him.

Kagero a member of the Toga Ninja, is sought out with her clan to find out what happened to small village posioned by a infectious disease.

Only to be captured and her whole clan destroyed by one of the Eight Devils of Timon. Jubei happens to rescue her from the rock monster, almost impossible to beat.

Kagero is greatful for him saving her but still only thinks she needs herself. Well, eventually an old government spy by the name of Dakuwan tricks Jubei of joining by posion him with a Ninja star.

Dakuwan tells Jubei that the Evil Lord Gemma is still alive, Jubei doesn't believe this because he killed Gemma a long time ago. Gemma told Jubei's clan that he was a traitor so from self-defense, Jubei had to kill his Clan but from revenge Jubei kills Gemma.

So the three heroes join up to destroy the eight Devils including Gemma.